Matt Cantillon

Software Development Manager

Software Development Manager @ Sapphire Accounting Systems

Responsible for management of existing projects, new projects, development team and internal development process and procedures

Personal Information

Bath, UK
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Core Skills

Web Api development Solution architecting Prototyping C# Microsoft Azure Microservices Microservice architecture Javascript AngularJS 1.x ReactJS SQL Git source control Requirement gathering and translation

Technical Experience

C# development
17 Years
17 Years
MS SQL Server
10 Years
10 Years
General Web development
20 Years
20 Years
General development (Various languages)
22 Years
22 Years


2019 - now

Software Development Manager @ Sapphire Accounting Systems

from 2019 to now

Software Development Manager

During my time with the company I am/have:

  • Jumped in to assist with a project that needed additional hands
  • Helping to layout development, project managment and sales procedures
  • Introducing Agile methodologies

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2017 - 2019

Senior Software Engineer @ Civica Digital

from 2017 to 2019

Senior Software Engineer

As Senior Software Engineer at Civica Digital I had the opportunity to be part of a fast-paced, large-scale, project for a client. The project is ASP.Net Core based using a microservices architecture and Microsoft Azure for its infrastructure.

Upon joining the team, I quickly found where I was most useful to my colleagues and began working with them to progress the project, at a rate, that far exceeded the clients and company’s expectation. This resulted in a lack of “ready work” for the development team to progress. This offered me the opportunity to help “upskill” my colleagues and also work with the project management team to prepare new work for the team.

The direct project team consisted of twenty people from within Civica Digital and the client including Business Analysts, Solution Architects, Data Analysts and Project Management. This enabled me to gain further experience from a wide range of people with many different areas of expertise.

Using my initiative, I quickly become an expert in areas of product that the development team lacked knowledge in, enabling them to resolve tasks and issues faster, as they didn’t have to wait for the Project Teach Lead or Architect.

During my time with the company I have also:

  • Implemented guidelines and activities for colleagues in between projects to help “upskill” them and keep them motivated.
  • Hosted the first after-hours training session. I picked ReactJS as my topic as there were client projects requiring the skill and I also wanted to learn it.
  • Utilised my new ReactJS skills to support a client during developer transitions. Which lead to the contact for me being extended twice.
  • Facilitated team retrospectives.
  • Became a permanent code reviewer for the development team.
  • Worked with project management to identify knowledge gaps within the development team and help close them.
  • Became a “check-in” manager for six colleagues based in both the Bath and Bristol offices.
  • Conducted technical interviews

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2013 - 2017

Lead Developer / Head of cloud development @ Business Fitness

from 2013 to 2017

Lead Developer / Head of cloud development

While working for the company I have spent a large amount of my time remote to the office in Brisbane, working from home in the UK. This present a challenge in regards to time zones, I have to manage my own time and ensure that priorities are correct to make the most of the time that the time zones overlapped.

My daily duties include C# and Javascript development, direct client contact, third level support, Dev ops, sprint task management, mentoring and code reviews to name just a few.

Some of my achievements while working for the company include:

  • Introduced TeamCity build server and Octopus Deployment server.
  • Introduced AngularJS as the main frontend framework for all web based systems.
  • Instrumental in initiating agile style workflow for development team and product team.
  • Instrumental in implementing Microsoft Azure and its services.
  • Sole developer of companies main ‘cloud’ based product from start to production and maintenance.
  • Mentored a number of team members in aspects of development including testing, security and code architecture.
  • Assisted the company between many transitions including product and company direction. Working with board members, CEO and general manager as well as many internal and external teams.
  • I have developed a high level of self discipline and motivation as a result of working remote.

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2011 - 2013

Senior Software Developer @ Ltd

from 2011 to 2013

Lead Developer

As the lead and sole developer at Ebook Services, I was responsible for maintaining and improving the company's systems to ensure high availability and ease of future improvements. I achieved this by implementing a testing procedure and re-enforcing the use of a ticketing system for bugs and feature requests. This has resulted in improved communication with clients with regards to changes to the systems and also shorter development cycles.

During my time at the company, I implemented many changes including the following:

  • Introduced Unit testing which assisted me in learning the existing code base and also allowed for confidence when making changes.
  • Introduced a Testing procedures and automated testing suite to improve the quality and reliability of all releases made. This also resulted in the employment of a dedicated tester to assist in implementing the required changes and software.
  • Updated core frameworks. Upon taking on the code base I realised that updating the core frameworks used would offer not only easier development but also performance increases to the clients. This was done during a short change freeze to allow me to focus.
  • Enhanced UI features for better user experience by implementing KnockoutJS and a more service and event drive design to new and existing features.
  • Introduced daily meetings. While working closely with other development colleagues in another department I initiated daily short meetings to improve communication between us and give me the opportunity to learn about other areas within the corporation.
  • Initiated "Information Radiator". After being involved in a number of situations where investigations uncovered components of the main systems that hadn't been running for days without anyone knowing. I initiated and help implement an “Information Radiator” in the main development office to increase system status information. This has resulted in fewer down times and quicker response to any that do occur.
  • Worked remotely. With the main company office in Perth AU, I have been able to build on my self motivation and communication skills to work remotely and effectively with colleagues around the world.
  • Assisted in other areas of the corporation, when required I worked in other areas of the corporation to offer additional knowledge and skills.

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2005 - 2011

Department Manager / IT Project Manager @ Hotelscene Ltd

from 2005 to 2011

Department Manager / IT Project Manager

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2003 - 2005

Senior Programmer / Lead Programmer @ Hotelscene Ltd

from 2000 to 2003

Senior Programmer / Lead Programmer

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2000 - 2003

Senior Developer @ yMonda Ltd

from 2000 to 2003

Senior Programmer

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Prince 2 project management



ICS Home study course

from 2001

Introduction to Computer Programming - Diploma

1995 - 1996

Salisbury College

from 1995 to 1996

Intermediate BTEC - GNVQ in Information Technology


Having previously lived and worked with Matthew for some time (not just at yMonda but in another web development company) I feel quite well positioned to say that Matthew is an excellent developer. He has a great attention to detail and is always pushing himself to develop better solutions. Matthew has been a great friend over the years and I respect him as a person and a programmer.

Tom Holder | Co-Founder Cloud Managed Ltd


Movies Music Bicycling Electronics Geocaching People Unit Testing Cooking


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